The Town

Town Buildings
Images Courtesy of the Bessemer Historical Society
Information about the Town 

There is not a lot of documentation about the town of Ideal.   The Town was owned by the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company from 1909 through 1929 a short 20 years compared to some of the other coal camps that CF&I operated.

The town of Ideal was a fully functional town with a school, store and YMCA.  The post office opened in 1909 and closed in 1929.  Assumedly the post office operated out of the Colorado Supply Company store.  The town boasted that  well laid out straight streets, and a water system that supplied hydrants.  Some of the homes had running water  and there were also some barn facilities and a few garages for employee owned automobiles.

According to records by 1922 CF&I spent $146,00 on the town and facilities.

Buildings Of Ideal that are Identified by the maps and photographs:

In the image of the town below, I labeled the buildings that I was able to identify by images and the maps, from the foreground to the back.

  1. Doctors Office and Bath House  ( unable to find Images of this building other than the image of the town)
  2. YMCA
  3. Colorado Supply Company Store
  4. School
  5. Image below includes several homes and the tram going to tipple
Buildings that I have not been able to find images of are:
  1. Hotel
  2. Mule Barn
  3. Smith Shop
  4. Various Mining support buildings
  5. All of the 91 homes that made up the town of Ideal.

Town with Buildings labeled
Town with Buildings labeled



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